Extra Services:

Immaculate Shed Treatment- Includes a FURMINATOR shampoo and conditioner which helps release undercoat, this treatment also includes a long brushout with the FURMINATOR undercoat remover brush to help reduce the amount of hair in your home. 

Immaculate Pawlish- Immaculate Pooch offers nail painting with pet safe nail polish​​. This service can only be offered to pets who are cooperative with having their feet held. $10.00 add on service.

Immaculate Color- Immaculate Pooch offers a selection of temporary pet safe hair coloring​​ to add a wow factor to your pet's coat. 

Immaculate One on One Groom-  Immaculate Pooch understands that some dogs need their own time alone in the salon while being groomed. We set aside Sundays for your pet to receive special one on one time with the groomer with no other dogs in the salon. These grooms are by appointment only.

Nail File- Nail filing is no longer included in a full groom. This service to smooth your pet's nails is $5.00.

Toothbrushing- Your dogs teeth should be brushed on a daily basis, but getting them extra clean at the salon helps keep your dogs dental health in top shape! $10.00 in addition to price of groom

Immaculate Paw Treatment- This treatment is great year round to keep your dogs paws healthy and remoisturized. While your dog is in the tub, he or she will have their paws soaked in a cleansing conditioner, when the bath is complete he or she will receive a remoisturising lotion on their pads which will help them from becoming cracked and irritated from hot tar in the summer and salty walkways in the winter! $10.00 in addition to price of groom

Flea Treatment- Immaculate Pooch uses all natural Flea shampoos, followed by a deep conditioning, which will stop the infestation on your pet without harmful ingredients that can irritate your dogs skin and coat. Should the groomer find evidence of fleas after drop off, it will be under the groomers discretion to perform a flea and tick bath immediately to inhibit an infestation within our grooming salon. An additional fee (minimum of $25.00) will be imposed.

Immaculate Pooch Grooming has many extra services for you to add to your pet's grooming service. If you would like to add an extra service for your pet, please inform us while scheduling your pet's appointment.

What a Full Groom includes:

An Immaculate Groom includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, removal of hair in ear canal, bath including two shampoos, (specially chosen to meet the needs of your pets skin and coat condition), blueberry facial, blow dry, brushing and haircut (breed specific).

Extra Services